ILVE 60CM DOOR SEAL A09469 SP-IA09469 A/094/69 GENUINE


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ILVE Main Oven Door Seal Gasket

4 Sided, 6 Clips - Genuine Part Number A09469

Fits Models:

200NMP, 200NMP/B, 600SVI IL040, P-150SWBP, P150SWBP, P150SWMP, PD120BMMP, PD90FWMP

John Lewis: JLRCSS102 (PD1006MP)

PLEASE NOTE: This item is only suitable for the models listed. For Example - 60cm is a general reference, not an exact size. It is industry terminology to quickly describe a item. For example a range cooker that is 90cm wide will have a 60/30 split so the ovens are refered to as being 60 and 30cm even although that's not the exact size and cannot be used as such