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Ceset Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Hoover, Candy Washing Machines - 49018683, 92126721, ES1253261

Ceset Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Hoover, Candy Washing Machines - 49018683, 92126721, ES1253261

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Ceset Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Hoover, Candy Washing Machines

Alternative to Genuine Part Numbers: 49018683, 81451164, 81452255, 92126721, 97920565 (Pack of 2)

Also replaces Part Numbers: ARISTON C00196549, BRANDT 51X9118, SIEMENS 00151614, WHIRLPOOL 481931088529

PLEASE NOTE: These are only suitable for the following models using CESET Motors Only - Carbon Slopes Right to Left

Fits Models: Candy: ACT840ACRS, ACTIVA100P, ACTIVA101, ACTIVA101P, ACTIVA105AC, ACTIVA106P, ACTIVA108AC, ACTIVA1091AC, ACTIVA121, ACTIVA125AC, ACTIVA126P, ACTIVA1291AC, ACTIVA740, ACTIVA80P, ACTIVA81, ACTIVA840ACR, ACTIVA84SLIM, ACTIVA85AC, ACTIVA86P, ACTIVA95AC, AE110 AE112 AE113 AE130 AE131 AE140 AE142 AE145 AE146 AE147 AE160 AE161 AE162 AE163 AE165 AE166 AE167 AE246 AEA14 AI140 AL140 AL150 ALISE'1000, ALISE'1050ES, ALISE'1244, ALISE'125, ALISE'1250ES, ALISE'950ES, ALISE101ES, ALISE1050ESB

Models: ALISE1200ES, ALISE120ES, ALISE844, ALISECE10, AQC101TR, AQC102TR, AQUA8, AQUA8T, AQUAMATIC10T, AQUAMATIC8T, AQUAV.1000ES, AQUAV.100AC, AQUAV.12 AQUAV.1200ES, AQUAV.120AC, AQUAV.900 AQUAVIVA1000, AQUAVIVA1200, AQUAVIVA141T, AS108 AS108, AS110 AS111 AS112 AS113 AS130 AS131 AS132 AS133 AS90 AS92 ASC100T, ASL80SLIMMY, ASM160UK, C1003XT, C1005XT, C1007XT, C1040 C1044T, C1204XT, C1206XT, C1260 C1261, C1700XT, C5101X C5102X C5103XT, C5104XT C5124XT, C5125XT, C905XT, CB1024T, CB1224T, CB73TR

Models: CBL140 CBL146UK, CBL160UK, CBL166UK, CDN140TR, CE104, CE104/1, CE1049T, CE124/1, CE450, CE94, CG1054T, CG1254T, CG854T, CHIARA762TR, CI100A, CI1014ES, CI1051T, CI1069XT, CI1204ES, CI5140XT, CI827TR CN146T80, CN150TUK, CN166T80, CNW156T, CSB840XTR, CSI835XTR CSI835XTR, D.QUICK120TR, D.QUICK130TR, DBQ151, DE, DQW150 ECO EL160 ENERGA735, ES, EXCLUS.751TR, HOLIDAY181, HOLIDAY803, HOLIDAY81, SC1000, SC1200 SELECTA731TR, SLIMMY844XT, SLIMMY855XT, SLIMMYCB82XT, SMART12, SMART13, SMART13D

Models: SMART13SYM, SMART16, SOFTWASHER, SY, TC1244 TURBO40/CM, TURBO40/CW, UK, WDDQ130 WM1000X WM1201, WP110 - Hoover: H140E UK, H160E UK, H160I UK, HC6160EUK, HCP160 EUK, HCP160IUK, HNL3146-80, HNL3146S-80, HNL3156-80, HNL3166Z-80, HNWL3166, HP6 150M, HQ150, HSW150M80, HW160M UK, HW5513MUK, HW6316MUK, HWF130MUK, HWF131MUK, SE160E, SUPER7X

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