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Door Lock Interlock Switch for Beko WTL104121W, WTL104151W Washing Machine / Washer Dryer - 2849660200, 2849660500, 2849660600, ES1947632

Door Lock Interlock Switch for Beko WTL104121W, WTL104151W Washing Machine / Washer Dryer - 2849660200, 2849660500, 2849660600, ES1947632

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Door Lock Interlock Switch for Beko Washing Machines / Washer Dryer

Replaces Genuine Part Numbers: 2849660200, 2849660500, 2849660600

Specifications: DK SERIES, T85 1E4 2-3 16(6)A 250V. 3 Contacts

Fits Models:

BFL1010W, BFL103ADW, BFL7510W, BFL8510W, BFL853ADW, BK10141PRCNT, BK9121PR, BK9121PRMG, DNMC7SE450, DNMWCP81242, DNMWCP81442SI, DNMWCP81442STSI, EHTV7636XS, EWTV7716XSPT, EWTV7734XSDPT, EWTV8716XSPT, FTA5576, HTE7613YBST HTE7613YBST, HTE7616X0, HTE7736CSXCW, HTE7736XC0, HTE7746X0, HTE8613YBST, HTE8713YBST, HTV7742XW, HTV8712XW, HTV8732XAW, HTV8732XCW, MWTE9634XCW, MWTV6534XCW, MWTV7632XCM, PWTV7644CSX0, PWTV8644CSX0, PWTV8744XW, PWTV9744XW, PWTV9744XWA, TWFT8128WI, WDB7425R2A, WDB7425R2W, WDB7426R1B, WDW75141, WDW85141 WDW85142, WFL100MA, WFL100MA2, WFL80M, WFL80SP, WKY71033, WKY71233LSYB2, WKY71233PTLYB3, WMCF8744WB, WMP101441STI, WMP10744XA, WMP11744XW, WMP12744XST, WMP8744XD, WMY71283LMB2, WMY71435PTLE, WQP10747XSWD, WQY9736XSWBT, WRE6532ZWBW, WRE6632ZSBS, WRE6632ZWBW, WSRE10733PRWI, WTC6516W, WTE10734XDOS, WTE10736S0W, WTE10744M, WTE10744N, WTE10744X0WST, WTE10744XB0W, WTE10744XDOS, WTE10744XM, WTE10744XST, WTE10745H, WTE10745X0A, WTE10745X0D, WTE11744XB0W, WTL104121W, WTL104151W, WTV6632XBW, WTV6633B0, WTV6636CSX0, WTV7532XAW, WTV7632XBW, WTV7634XAW, WTV7634XS0, WTV7735XS0, WTV7736XS, WTV7736XW, WTV8616W, WTV8634CSXS0, WTV8634XAW, WTV8636XS, WTV8644CSXWADST, WTV8644XS, WTV8644XW, WTV8734XCM, WTV8734XCMST, WTV8735XS0, WTV8736S0W, WTV8736XBST, WTV8736XS, WTV8736XW, WTV8744CSXW0, WTV8744CSXWAD, WTV8744CSXWADST, WTV8744CSXWAT, WTV8744CSXWST, WTV8744D, WTV8744S, WTV8744X0A, WTV8744XD, WTV8744XDOS, WTV8744XDW, WTV8744XM WTV8744XM, WTV8744XW, WTV8744XWAT, WTV8744XWDOS, WTV8744XWST, WTV8833XC0M, WTV9636W, WTV9734XS, WTV9734XSST, WTV9734XW, WTV9735XWD, WTV9736S0W, WTV9744X0ST, WTV9744X0W, WTV9744XDW, WTV9744XW0, WTV9744XWAT, WTV9745X0A, WTV9745X0MA, WTV9745X0MSTD, WTV9745XM, WTV9745XS, WTV9745XW, WTZ101435BI, WTZ121435BI, WTZ81234BI, WTZ81435BI, WUE7736X0A, WX740430S, WY124PT44MW, WY86042W, WYA71493LE, HTV7732XA0, HTV7732XW0, HTV7732XA01, HTV7732XW01, HTV8733XS01, HTV8734XS01, HTV8744X001

Grundig: GWN48555C, GWN47555C, GW58555C, GWNE67E432, GWNE68E430, GWI48440

Original Quality Fully Compatible Replacement Spare Part

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