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Dishwasher Lower Bottom Water Spray Arm Complete for Blomberg, Flavel, Leisure

Dishwasher Lower Bottom Water Spray Arm Complete for Blomberg, Flavel, Leisure

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Genuine Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm for Blomberg, Flavel, Leisure

Genuine original Lower spray arm for your dishwasher

PLEASE NOTE: Either Design will be sent depending on stock. Both will fit the models advertised, if in doubt please contact us.

Replacement Plastic Lower Spray Arm For Your Blomberg, Flavel, Leisure Dishwasher

Fits Models:

B20, BUW20, DIN1421, DIN1530, GI6420B, GI6420W, GI6420X, GI6520xN, GI6830W, GI6830X, GI6830a, GI6830xN, GIN1220, GIN1220WB, GIN1220X, GIN1220XB, GIN1370X, GIN1370XB, GIN1380L, GIN1380X, GIN1380XB, GIN1580X, GIN1580XB, GIN1585XB, GIN2110X, GIN2115X, GIN2116X, GIN2120X, GIN2215X, GIN2225X, GIN9220E, GIN9220X, GIN9260E, GIN9262E, GIN9262X, And Models: GIN9264X, GIN9475X, GIN9477E, GIN9477X, GIN9483E20, GIN9483ED, GIN9483X20, GIN9485E, GIN9485X, GIN9486E20, GIN9486ED, GIN9487E, GIN9487X, GIN9580XB, GIN9581XB, GIN9582XB7, GIN9583XB30, GIN9583XB620, GIN9583XB630, GIN9584XB, GIN9585XB, GLN8380X, GLN8380XL, GLN9220E, GLN9460XB, GS6320, GS6420, GS6420WN, GS6420X, GS6520XN, GS6520wN, GS6630, And Models: GS6830, GS6830X, GS6830XN, GS6830wN, GSN1210, GSN1210X, GSN1220, GSN1220A, GSN1220R, GSN1220X, GSN1370, GSN1370X, GSN1380, GSN1380A, GSN1380AR, GSN1380X, GSN1580, GSN1580A, GSN1580L, GSN1580X, GSN1580XB, GSN1581, GSN1581X, GSN1582A, GSN2210W, GSN2480, GSN9120, GSN9120X, GSN9121, GSN9122, GSN9122X, GSN9130, GSN9130X, GSN9220SP, And Models: GSN9220XSP, GSN9222SP, GSN9222XSP, GSN9270SP, GSN9270XSP, GSN9271XSP, GSN9420A, GSN9423A, GSN9430A, GSN9470SP, GSN9470XSP, GSN9475, GSN9475A, GSN9475X, GSN9475XB, GSN9476A, GSN9477, GSN9477A, GSN9477X, GSN9477XB, GSN9483A20, GSN9483XB20, GSN9483XBD, GSN9483XD, GSN9483XSP20, GSN9485A, GSN9485XB, GSN9486XSP6, GSN9487A

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