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Light Bulb Lamp for LG 6912W3B002D Microwave Oven 20W T170 Right Angle 2 Pin

Light Bulb Lamp for LG 6912W3B002D Microwave Oven 20W T170 Right Angle 2 Pin

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Light Bulb Lamp for LG 6912W3B002D, Samsung 4713-001524 SHMW 162 Microwave Oven Bulb 20W T170 Right Angle 2 Pin

Specification: T170 - 20 Watt - 230/240V

Temperature: 300°C Max. 20W, Terminals: 6.3mm, 90°

Bulb / Glass Diameter: 25mm, Height 35mm.

Long Life: Upto 1,500 hours.

Replaces Part Numbers: 4713-00031, 4713-001046, 4713-001524, 6912W3B002D

Fits Samsung models: CK95 CK136 CK910 CK940 CK99 2080E AFM141 C100 C101 C103 C104 C105 C106 C107 C108 C109 C130 C131 C138 C139 CE101 CE102 CE104 CE105 CE105K CE106 CE107 CE108 CE1110 CE1141 CE1151 C1153 CE115 CE101K CE1160 CE116 CE117 CE118 CE119 CE2611 CE2618 CE2713 CE2714 CE2717 CE2719 CE2727N CE271 CE2727 CE2733 CE2774 CE2777 CE2777N CE2815 CE2815 CE2817 CE281 CE2827 CE282 CE283 CE2874 CE2875 CE2877 CE287 CE291 CE292 CE297 CK135 CK136CK138 CK139CK910 CK920 CK940CK95 CK98 CK99 CM1039 CM1049FC139 G2711 G2712 G2719 G271 G2736 G2739 M105 M125 M1600 M1610 M1611 M1618 M1630 M1638 M1711 M1712 MI712N M1713 M1714 M1716 M1717 M1719 M171 M1727 M1732 M1733 M1733N M1736 M1739 M1777 M1815 M1817 M181 M1827 M182 M183 M1874 M1875 M1877 M187 M191 M1927 M192 M197 M225 M299 MC181 MFC32 MGA20 MGB22 MSA20 MSB22 MW007 PGU113 PG117 PG831 RE1300 RE1310 RE1320 RE1330 TMW-32 ZMU17 CE1031

Fits LG models: MA3281GW MA3281T MA3281U MC-805CLR MC8483NL MC-924JA MC-924JLA MC9280XC MC-9283JLR MC-9283HR MC9280XC MD-9283JLR MH-6682NL MH6589DRL MH6589DRW MH7949CW MP-9289VSD MP-9483SL MP-9485S MP-9485SA MP9489SB MS-192W MS1942G MS-1943AL MS-1947C MS-194W MS-1983ALB MS-2324DP MS-2342W MS-2346VR MS-2384BL MS-262MCE MS-2642DP MS-2642FB MS2643L MS-2645DPA MS-267Y MS-304A MS305CL MS-314F MS-314SCE MS-3242DP MS-3242DPS MS-324DL MS-324F MS-324SCE MS-325SCW MS-364F MS-369SCE MS-543XD MS1949G MS1949TL MS2041F MS2042U MS2042U MS2346S MS2347GR MS2348XR MS2540SR MS2548GR1 MS2588ZRF MS2647GR MS2647GRS MS3042G MS3042GS MS3042X MS3046S MS3842XRL MZ9480YRC SD-3855SCR T-2940ND

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