Light Bulb Lamp for LG 6912W3B002D Microwave Oven 20W T170 Right Angle 2 Pin

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Light Bulb Lamp for LG 6912W3B002D Microwave Oven Bulb 20W T170 Right Angle 2 Pin

Microwave Oven Lamp Bulb - T170 - 20 Watt - 230/240V

Replaces 6912W3B002D

Original Quality Part

Will fit the following models: MA3281GW MA3281T MA3281U MC-805CLR MC8483NL MC-924JA MC-924JLA MC9280XC MC-9283JLR MC-9283HR MC9280XC MD-9283JLR MH-6682NL MH6589DRL MH6589DRW MH7949CW MP-9289VSD MP-9483SL MP-9485S MP-9485SA MP9489SB MS-192W MS1942G MS-1943AL MS-1947C MS-194W MS-1983ALB MS-2324DP MS-2342W MS-2346VR MS-2384BL MS-262MCE MS-2642DP MS-2642FB MS2643L MS-2645DPA MS-267Y MS-304A MS305CL MS-314F MS-314SCE MS-3242DP MS-3242DPS MS-324DL MS-324F MS-324SCE MS-325SCW MS-364F MS-369SCE MS-543XD MS1949G MS1949TL MS2041F MS2042U MS2042U MS2346S MS2347GR MS2348XR MS2540SR MS2548GR1 MS2588ZRF MS2647GR MS2647GRS MS3042G MS3042GS MS3042X MS3046S MS3842XRL MZ9480YRC SD-3855SCR T-2940ND 

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