LOGIK Genuine Oven Cooker Selector Switch 32016051 LBFANX12 LFSTC50W LFTC50A12


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LOGIK Genuine Oven Cooker Selector Switch Unit 32016051

Genuine original 4 position oven cooker selector switch for your Logik LBFANX12 LFSTC50W LFTC50A12 Oven cooker.
Fits models:

LTOC50W12 (5400368913, 5400379305, 5400379306, 5400387207, 5400406337, 5400440511, 5400455132, 5400469867, 5400476823) LTOC60W13
Product will arrive as either Red or Black as pictured depending on manufacturers stock. There is no functionality difference and cannot see the item once fitted