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Main Motor Unit & Cooling Fan Kit for Hotpoint Oven Cooker C362ESH, C362EWH, C363EXH, C366EKH, C366ESH, C366EWH, C367EIH, C367EKH(T), C367EKH

Main Motor Unit & Cooling Fan Kit for Hotpoint Oven Cooker C362ESH, C362EWH, C363EXH, C366EKH, C366ESH, C366EWH, C367EIH, C367EKH(T), C367EKH

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Main Motor Unit & Cooling Fan Kit for Hotpoint Oven Cooker

Equivalent to Genuine Part Number: Indesit: C00199694, C00230134, C00230853), Whirlpool: 482000061494, 482000062496

Item Specifications: 220/240V, 50/60HZ, 24-28W. Shaft: 6mm Thick x 10.6mm - Fan Diameter 150mm

PLEASE NOTE: Due to some models using more than one type and using more than one shaft size, please check before purchasing

Fits Models:

5TCCK, 5TCCW, 60HEG, 60HEGS, 60HEP, 60HEPS, 6102B, 6102P, 6103B, 6103BMK2, 6103P, 6103PMK2, 6111B, 6111P, 6112B, 6112P, 6117B, 6117P, 6118B, 6118P, 6133B, 6133P, 6162B, 6162P, 6163B, 6163P, 6166B, 6166P, 6172B, 6172P, 6173B, 6173P, 6183B, 6183P, 6196B, 6196BMK2, 6196P, 6196PMK2, 61DCW(T), 61DCW, 62DCW, 62DCWS, 6505P, 6509B, 6510B, 6510P, 6511B, 6511P, 6512B, 6512P, 6515B, 6515P, 6521B, 6521P, 6525B, 6525P, 6530B, 6530P, 6531B, 6531P, 6535B, 6535P, 6540B, 6540P, 6541P, 6550B, 6550P, 6551B, 6551P, 6555P, 6556B, 6556P, 6580P 6580P, 6596B 6596B, 6596P 6596P, 6DOCK, 6DOCW, AHP37X(T), AHP37X, AHP37X/1, AHP67X(T), AHP67X, AHP67X/1, ARC60W, ARC60X, BD31B, BD31BMK2, BD31GMK2, BD31NMK2, BD31P, BD31PMK2, BD32B BD32B, BD32B/2, BD32K BD32K, BD32K/2, BD32N, BD32P BD32P, BD32P/2, BD32T, BD35AL, BD42SS BD42SS, BD42SS/2, BD51D, BD51G, BD51N, BD51X, BD52B BD52B, BD52B/2, BD52K BD52K, BD52K/2, BD52N, BD52P BD52P, BD52P/2, BD52S, BD52T, BD62SS BD62SS, BD62SS/2, BD81B, BD81G, BD81N, BD81P, BD81S, BD81YS, BS11B BS11B, BS11P BS11P, BS21B, BS21BT, BS21P, BS21PT, BS22B, BS22G, BS22N, BS22P, BS31C BS31C, BS31E BS31E, BS32B, BS32K, BS32N, BS32P, BS41B BS41B, BS41D, BS41G BS41G, BS41N BS41N, BS41P BS41P, BS41X, BS42B, BS42K, BS42N, BS42P, BS45AL, BS52SS, BS61B BS61B, BS61GMK2, BS61NMK2, BS61P BS61P, BS61S, BS61YS, BS62B, BS62K, BS62N, BS62P, BS62S, BS72SS, BU61B, BU61P, BU62B, BU62G, BU62N, BU62P, BU62S, BU62X, BU62YS, BU65AL, BU71B, BU71K, BU71N, BU71P, BU72B BU72B, BU72B/2, BU72K BU72K, BU72K/2, BU72N, BU72P BU72P, BU72P/2, BU72S, BU82SS BU82SS, BU82SS/2, C220EC, C220ECH, C220EW, C220EWH, C262EKH, C262ESH, C262EWH, C361EWH, C362EKH, C362ESH, C362EWH, C363EXH, C366EKH, C366ESH, C366EWH, C367EIH, C367EKH(T), C367EKH, C367EWH(T), C367EWH, C367EXH(T), C367EXH, C368EWH(T), C368EWH, C60ETX, CH60DHKF, CH60DHKFS, CH60DHSF, CH60DHSFS, CH60DHWF, CH60DHWFS, CH60DPCF, CH60DPCFS, CH60DPXF, CH60DPXFS, CH60DTCF, CH60DTXF, CH60DTXFS, CH60EKK, CH60EKKS, CH60EKS, CH60EKW, CH60EKWS, CH60ETC, CH60ETCS, CH60ETX, DBS537X, DBS537XS, DBS539CK, DBS539CKS, DBS539CW, DBS539CWS, DBS539CX, DBS539CXS, DCL08CB, DD77CH, DD77I, DE47X(T), DE47X, DE47X/2, DE47X1, DE77X, DE89X/1, DE89X1(T), DE89X1, DH53B, DH53BS, DH53CK, DH53CKS, DH53K, DH53KS, DH53W, DH53WS, DH53X, DH53XS, DH93CX, DH93CXS, DH93K, DH93KS, DH93X, DH93XS, DH99CX, DHS53CX, DHS53CXS, DHS53X, DHS53XS, DQ47I, DQ47I/2, DQ47IMK2(T), DQ47IMK2, DQ77I, DQ89I(T), DQ89I, DQ89I/1, DSC60S, DSC60SS, DSD60S, DSD60SS, DT77X, DX1032CX, DX1032CXS, DX892CX, DX892CXS, DX937CX, DY46B, DY46K DY46K, DY46K/2, DY46W DY46W, DY46W/2, DY46X DY46X(T), DY46X, DY46X/2, EDCS51H, EDCW51H, EG20P, EG21C, EG21E EG21E, EG21L EG21L, EG22N, EG51G EG51G, EG51N EG51N, EG51P EG52N EG52N, EG52P EG52P, EG52S EG52S, EG53N, EG53P, EG53S, EG54G, EG54P, EG54T, EG71P, EG72N EG72N, EG72P EG72P, EG72S EG72S, EG73G, EG73K, EG73P, EG73T, EG74G(T), EG74G, EG74P(T), EG74P, EG74X(T), EG74X, EG76X, EG94X(T), EG94X, EW20C, EW20P, EW21C, EW21E, EW21L, EW21P, EW22C, EW22P, EW23ECH, EW23EWH, EW24ECH, EW24EWH, EW31G, EW31N, EW31P, EW32N, EW32P, EW32S, EW34N, EW34P, EW34S, EW41B, EW41C, EW41G, EW41GS, EW41L, EW41N, EW41NS, EW41P, EW41PS, EW42G, EW42N, EW42P, EW42S, EW42T, EW45SS, EW51S, EW52G, EW52N, EW52P, EW52S, EW52T, EW61B, EW61P, EW62G, EW62N, EW62P, EW63P, EW71P, EW72N, EW72P, EW72S, EW73G, EW73P, EW73T, EW74G(T), EW74G, EW74K(T), EW74K, EW74P(T), EW74P, EW74X(T), EW74X, EW76X, EW81G, EW81N, EW81P, EW82N, EW82P, EW82S, EW83G, EW83K, EW83P, EW83T, EW84G(T), EW84G, EW84K(T), EW84K, EW84P(T), EW84P, EW84X(T), EW84X, EW85SS, EW86X, EW91P, EW91S, EW91YS, EW92AL, EW93G, EW93K, EW93P, EW93T, EW95AL, HAE60G, HAE60GS, HAE60K, HAE60KS, HAE60P, HAE60PS, HAE60X, HAE60XS, HUD61G, HUD61GS, HUD61K, HUD61KS, HUD61P, HUD61PS, HUD61X, HUD61XS, HUE61G, HUE61GS, HUE61K, HUE61KS, HUE61P, HUE61PS, HUE61X, HUE61XS, HUE62G, HUE62K, HUE62KS, HUE62P, HUE62PS, HUE62X, HUE62XS, HUE63P, KD6E35W, KD6G35M, KD6G35X, KSD99CX, KSD99CXS, MK11, MK2(T), MK2, MK2T, MK3, S130EB, S130EBH, S130EK, S130EKH, S130EW, S130EWH, S130EWHMK2T, S130EX, S130EXH, S130EXHMK2T, S150EBH, S150EKH, S150EWH, S150EXH, S220EBH, S220EKH, S220EWH, S220EXH, S420EBH, S420EKH, S420EWH, S420EXH, SPC61K, SPC61W, UBS537CX, UBS537CXS, UD47CH, UD47I, UE47X(T), UE47X, UE47X/2, UE47X1 UE47X1, UE89X/1, UE89X1(T), UE89X1, UH53B, UH53K, UH53KS, UH53W, UH53WS, UHS53X, UHS53XS, UQ47I UQ47I, UQ47I/2, UQ47T, UQ89I(T), UQ89I, UQ89I/1, UT47X, UX892CX, UY46B, UY46K UY46K, UY46W UY46W, UY46X UY46X(T), UY46X, UY46X/2, UY46XMK2, X153EKH, X153ESH, X153EWH, X156EWH, X253EKH, X253ESH, X253EWH

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