Main Oven Door Seal Gasket for ILVE Cooker 90cm type 4 Sided 6 Clips A/094/70

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LAZER ELECTRICS Main Oven Door Seal Gasket for ILVE Cooker

4 Sided, 6 Clips - Alternative to Genuine Part Number A09470

Fits Models: 800LMP, 800TM, 800TMP, 800WMP, 900CMP, 900LMP, 900NMP, 900NMP3140861, 900WMP, 948NMP, 948SSTCMP, 948SSXMP, 948SXMP, JC806MP, JC806WMP/1, JC80FWMP, JC80LM, JC80MM, JC906MP, JC90MP, JC90WMP M120FMP, M906MP, M90FMP, M950FMP, MCE90MP, MCI90MP, ME90MP, MI90MP, MT120FMP, MT150FMP, MT906MP, MT90FMP, MTE90MP, MTI90MP, P-150SWBP, P90CCMP, P90FMP, P90FWMP1, P90FWMPI, P90LMP, P90MP-1, P90WMP, PE90FMP, PF120FMP, PF90Models: PF906MP, PFE80MP, PL120FMP, PL90, PL906MP, PL90FMP, PLE80MP, PN120FMP, PN90, PN906MP, PN90FMP, PNE80MP, PW120FMP, PW90, PW906MP, PWE80MP, T906LMP, T906NMP, T906WMP, T90WMP/S

PLEASE NOTE: This item is only suitable for the models listed. 90cm is a general reference, not an exact size. It is industry terminology to quickly describe a item. For example a range cooker that is 90cm wide will have a 60/30 split so the ovens are reffed to as being 60 and 30cm even although that's not the exact size and cannot be used as such

Original Quality Fully Compatible Spare Part