Motor Carbon Brushes for Hoover Washing Machines (SELNI Motors only / 2 Pack)

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LAZER ELECTRICS Motor Carbon Brushes for Hoover Washing Machines (SELNI Motors only / 2 Pack)


2 Pack - Thickness: 5mm, Breadth: 12.5mm, Length: 23mm, Connection: 4,8mm



Suitable for the following models using SELNI motors only - Due to these models using more than one type of carbon Please check against your existing ones before purchasing



Fits models:



 DYNS 6104DZ-30, DYNS 6105DZ-30, DYNS 7104DZG-30, HN 2805-30, HN 4105-30S, HN 4805-30S, HN2105-30, HNL 6106 -37S, HNL 6106 Z-30, HNL 6106.5-04S, HNL 686-30, HNL 686-37 S, HNL 9116-85S, HNL576-30, HNL6116ZS-SILVER, VHD 106-16S, VHD 610-30, VHDFS 610-30, VHDFS 610-L-30, VHDS 609-30, VHDS 610-16S, VHDS 6104ZD-30, VHDS 6104ZD-30, VHDS510-30, VHDS6103D07S, VHDS610Z-30, VHDS610Z-30, VHFS 510-30, VHFS 608-30, VHFS 608-L-30, VT 710D11-1-S, VTS 608D1-30, VTS 610D1-30, VTS 610D1-30



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