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Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Bosch WAE, WAS, WIS Series Washing Machines 605694, 00605694, ES976575

Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Bosch WAE, WAS, WIS Series Washing Machines 605694, 00605694, ES976575

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Washing Machine Motor Carbon Brushes for Bosch Neff Siemens

Dimensions: 5 x 12,5 x 42mm (Premium Quality Alternative to Genuine Part Number 605694)

for use on FHP, CESET

Fits models:

Bosch Multi Protections Water System, Aquastop 1200U, 1400, Maxx 6 & 7kg, Maxx for kids, Classixx 6, Exxcel 7 1400 Express, Logixx 7-8 Sensitive, Axxis, Extraklasse Champion

PLEASE NOTE: Fits too many models to list, if in doubt please send us your model and serial and we will try to verify for you

WAE20360, WAE20362, WAE20363, WAE2036S, WAE24140, WAE24361, WAE24362, WAE24363, WAE24463, WAE27160, WAE281, WAE28161, WAE28162, WAE28170, WAE28172, WAE28172/26, WAE28173, WAE281E0, WAE281M1, WAE28260, WAE283, WAE2834A, WAE2834E, WAE2834P, WAE2834PCH, WAE2834R, WAE28360, WAE28361, WAE28362, WAE28363, WAE28364, WAE28370, WAE28371, WAE28390, WAE283S0, WAE28421, WAE28424, WAE28441, WAE28442, WAE2844B, WAE28461, WAE28462, WAE28463, WAE28465, WAE28466NN, WAE28441, WAE28442 Models: WAE2844B, WAE28461, WAE28462, WAE28463, WAE28465, WAE28466NN, WAE28467, WAE2846S, WAE28471, WAE28472, WAE28475, WAE28490, WAE28491, WAE284A1, WAE284A2, WAE284B0, WAE284B1, WAE284E0, WAE284E1, WAE284F1, WAE284H2, WAE284K1, WAE284K2, WAE284P2, WAE32160, WAE32340, WAE32360, WAE32372, WAE32390, WAE32391, WAE3239X, WAE32440, WAE32460, WAE32461, WAE32464, WAE32464UK, WAE32470, WAE32490, WAE324Y0, WAS20160, WAS20161, WAS20360, WAS20361, WAS20420, WAS20421, WAS20440, WAS20441, WAS20460, WAS20760 Models: WAS20761, WAS2413X, WAS24360, WAS24361, WAS24380, WAS24381, WAS24421, WAS24428, WAS24441, WAS24442IL, WAS24460, WAS24460SA, WAS24461, WAS24466, WAS24469, WAS24721, WAS24741, WAS24741CH, WAS24761, WAS247B0, WAS247B1, WAS28381, WAS28440, WAS28441, WAS28445, WAS28447, WAS2844L, WAS28466, WAS28469, WAS2846C, WAS28490, WAS28491, WAS2849X, WAS2849Z, WAS284A0, WAS284A1, WAS284E1, WAS284F1, WAS28721, WAS28741, WAS28741CH, WAS2874B, WAS28761, WAS28781, WAS28790, WAS28791, WAS287B1, WAS287X1 Models: WAS32341, WAS32361, WAS32441, WAS32461, WAS32466, WAS32469, WAS32470, WAS32480, WAS32482, WAS32491, WAS32741, WAS32741CH, WAS32775, WAS32790, WAS32791, WAS327A0, WAS327A1, WAS327B1, WAS327C0, WFO2855, WIS20160, WIS20460, WIS24120, WIS24140, WIS24460, WIS28440 WIS28440

Neff W5420X0EU/07, W5420X0FF/18, W5440X0/07, W5440X0EE/18, W5420X0EU/13, W5420X0FF/20, W5440X0/13, W5440X0EE/20, W5420X0EU/14, W5420X0GB/06, W5440X0/14, W5440X0GB/06, W5420X0EU/18, W5420X0GB/07, W5440X0/18, W5440X0GB/07, W5420X0EU/20, W5420X0GB/13, W5440X0/20, W5440X0GB/13, W5420X0FF/06, W5420X0GB/14, W5440X0EE/07, W5440X0GB/14, W5420X0FF/07, W5420X0GB/18, W5440X0EE/13, W5440X0GB/18, W5420X0FF/13, W5420X0GB/20, W5440X0EE/14, W5440X0GB/20, W5420X0FF/14

Siemens IQ300 WM14P360GB/03 WM12P360GB/03

Manufacturers names and model numbers are used for reference only

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