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Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Hitachi Rotary Orbital Sander, Polisher 999-021

Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Hitachi Rotary Orbital Sander, Polisher 999-021

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LAZER ELECTRICS Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Hitachi Power Tools

Alternative to Genuine Part Number: 999-021

Suitable for Hitachi Electric Hand Shear, Circular Saw, Rotary Band Saw, Portable Gauge Sheet Metal Shear, Electric Jig Saw, Rotary Band Saw, Jigsaw, Nibbler, Electric Angle Drill, Right Angle Drill, Electric Hammer Drill, SDS-Plus Shank Rotary Hammer, Planer, Angle Grinder, Die Grinder, Electric Hand Grinder, Trimmer, Portable Electric Blower, Rotary Orbital Sander, Polisher, Laminate Trimmer, Trimmer, Automatic Screwdriver, Impact Wrench, Automatic Screwdriver, Screwdriver, Impact Wrench

Fits Models: BM35Y, BZ450, C16, C4Y, CB10T, CE16, CE16SA, CJ60, CJ60T, CB10T, CB10V, CJ60V, CJ65, CJ65V, CJ65VA, CJ65VA1, CJ65VB, CJ7V, CL10SA, CN23, CN16, CN16SA, D10YA, D10YB, DH25PA, DH25PB, D28770, D6Y, DV12, DV16, D28770, D6Y, DV12, DV16, ET-3102J, F20A, FG12SA2, FG12SB, FG10, FG10SA, FG12, FG12SA, FG12SB2, G10, G10SB1, G10SD1, G10SF, G10SF2, G10SG, G10SP, G10SR, G10SR2, G10SA, G10SD, G10SF3, G10SH, G10SK, G10SK2, G10SK3, G10SS, G10YB, G12S1, G12SA, G12SG, G12SR, G12SR2, G12, G12SS, G12Y, G13SR2, G13YB, G13S1, G13SB, G13SR, GL7, GP2, GP2SA, GM8, GP10, GP2SA, GP2V, JCJ65V, JG10, JG10S, JPG2, JP20, KG10, KP20, LDU4, M6SA, M6SB, P20SB, P20SE, PB20, PDA-100D, PDA-100F, PDA-100G, PDA-100K, PDA-100M, PDM-115, PDM125, PDP-100C, PDP-115, PDP-115A, PDP115A, PDS115A, PDS-100, PDS-115, PDS-115A, PL8206, PSU-4, RB40SA, RB40VA, SAY-150A, SP13, SV12, SAY150A, SO110A, SP13, TR6, TR6A, TC-100, TC-100A, TC-90, TC-90A, TRM645, UT14Y, VRV16, VR-16, VRT-22A, W4YF, WF4V, WH14, WR16SA, W4YD, W4YE, W6SB, W6SD, WH16, WR14VB, WR16SA, WSE400S, X100, 3S

Specification: 6.5mm x 7.5mm x 12mm - All sizes approx.

Premium Quality Fully Compatible Replacement Spare Parts

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