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Motor Carbon Brushes Pair Set for Hoover, Candy Washing Machines - 49028930, 91212332, 97916670, ES101500

Motor Carbon Brushes Pair Set for Hoover, Candy Washing Machines - 49028930, 91212332, 97916670, ES101500

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Motor Carbon Brushes Pair for Hoover, Candy Washing Machines (Pack of 2)

Alternative to Genuine Part Numbers: 49028930, 91212332, 97916670

PLEASE NOTE: These are only suitable for the following models using Hoover Made Motors Only

Fits Models: A087, A089, A107, A109, A109011HC, AA212 AA212011, AA230 AA230001, AA231 AA231061, AA232 AA232011, AB AB100, AB100001, AB105 AB110, AB110001, AB115 AB130 AB135 ABA11 ABA11007, AC AC110 AC110001, AC115 AC120 AC120001, AC125 AC15 AC327 AC90 AC90001, AC95 ACA10 ACA10007, ACM ACM110 AE130 AE130001, AE135 AE136 AE137 AE230 AE230001, AI AI100 AI1040, AI120 AI130 AL AL120 AL130 AL131 AL132 AL80 AL80, ALA122 AM AM100 AM100LEB, AM1042S11, AM110 AM110LEB, AM115 AM120 AM1243S, AM1243S11, AM130 AM131 AM842S AM842S, AMA122 AMC121 AR210 AR210031, AR213 AR213071, AR230 AR230031, AR233 AR233071, AS110, AS110001, AS115 AS116 AS120, AS120001, AS125 AS126 AS130, AS130001, AS135 AS136 AS136001, ASA120, ASA12007, AV130011, AV210 AV210011, AV230 AVA AVA20 AVA22 AWA11 AWA11007, CA CA230 CA231 CA232 CA233, H110 H110M, H120M, H130E H130M HC110 HC110M HC120 HC120M HC130 HC130M HC6120MUK, HC6130MUK, HMC131 HPM HPM110, HPM120, HPM130, HQ130, HSE120UK, HSW110M HW120M HW120PROMO, HW130M HW130PROMO, LB LBAM842S11HC, LBH130EUK, LBH130MUKCMT, LBHC6 LBHMC131UKC, LBHQ130UKCIH, LBHSW110M LBHW120MUK, LBHW120PROMO, LBHW130MUK, LBHW130PROMO, PE235, PL, SE130 SE220 SE220001, SE230 SPB11 SPB11, SPC12 SX-1, UK, W105 W105SX/1, WA110 WA110001, WA115 WB120 WB120001, WB125 WDHW5213MUK WDM120 WDM125 WDM130 WS130 WS130001, WS135 WS136 WSE130 WSE130011

Premium grade laminated carbon for long life (not cheaper block carbon that causes early burn out) - Premium quality fully compatible replacement spare part

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