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Oven Main Door Seal Gasket 4 Sided For Belling Cookers 550BR G750 082605037

Oven Main Door Seal Gasket 4 Sided For Belling Cookers 550BR G750 082605037

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Oven Main Door Seal Gasket 4 Sided & Fixing Clips For Belling Cookers 550BR G750

Compatible cooker oven door seal - 4 Sided and comes with fixing clips

Equivalent to part number: C00199703 & 082605037 - Size: 440mm x 380mm

Will fit the following models: 111AW GR 111AW SS 111S BU 111S CH 111S GR 111S SS 111W BU 111W CH 111W GR 112AW CH 112AW GR 112AW SS 112S BU 112S CH 112S GR 112S SS 112W BU 112W CH 112W GR 113S BU 113S CH 113S GR 113S SS 113W BU 113W CH 113W GR 114S BU 114S CH 114S GR 114S SS 131W BU 131W CA 131W CH 131W GR 131W SS 133W BU 133W CH 133W GR 142 426 WH 540 BR 540 WH 541 BR 541 WH 550 BR 550 GM 550 GR 550 WH 611 BL 611 GR 611 WH 612 BL 612 WH 613 WH 616 BR 616 WH 623 BL 623 GR 623 IV 623 WH 624 BR 625 GM 626 BR 626 GR 626 WH 627 BR 627 BU 627 GR 627 RE 627 WH 627H BL 627H BU 627H GR 627H WH 629 SS 630 AL 630 SS 631 WH 632 BR 632 GR 632 WH 633 BU 633 GR 635 RM 635 WM 636 BR 636 BU 636 GR 636 RE 636 WH 639 BL 639 GR 639 RE 639 WH 652 BL 652 SI 652 WH 653H BL 653H WH 660 BL 660 GR 660 WH 661 BL 661 GR 661 WH 860 BU 860 GR 860 WH G730 BR G730 GR G730 WH G740 BR G740 BU G740 GR G740 WH G741 GR G741 WH G750 BR G750 BU G750 GR G750 RE G750 WH G751 BU XOU478 BR XOU478 GR XOU478 WH XOU481 BR XOU481 GR XOU481 WH XOU482SS ST XOU488 BR XOU488 GM XOU488 RM XOU488 WM XOU489 BR XOU489 BU XOU489 CI XOU489 GR XOU489 IV XOU489 RE XOU489 WH XOU491 BL XOU491 BR XOU491 BU XOU491 GR XOU491 IV XOU491 RE XOU491 WH 130W BU 130W CA 130W CH 130W GR 130W ST 132W BU 132W CA 132W CH 132W GR 132W ST 135 CA 135 CH 135 GR 150 CA 150 CH 150 GR 150 ST 151 CA 151 CH 151 GR 151 ST 152 CA 152 GR 152 ST 153 CA 153 CH 153 GR 637 BL 637 BU 637 SI 637 WH 646H SI 646H WH 647 AL 647 ST 648HM BL 648HM BU 648HM SI 648HM WH G742 BL G742 GR G742 WH XOU482 BL XOU482 SI XOU482 WH XOU492 BL XOU492 BU XOU492 GR XOU492 SI XOU492 ST XOU492 WH XOU493 AL


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