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Oven Main Door Seal Gasket 4 Sided Hotpoint Creda Cannon Belling Spare Part

Oven Main Door Seal Gasket 4 Sided Hotpoint Creda Cannon Belling Spare Part

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Oven Main Door Seal Gasket 4 Sided Hotpoint Creda Cannon Belling Spare Part

Compatible cooker oven door seal - 4 Sided and comes with fixing clips

Equivalent to part number: C00199703 - Size: 440mm x 380mm

Will fit the following models: Cannon: 10101G 10102G 10106G 10107G 10108G 10109G 10132G 10133G 10134G 10137G 10138G 10148G 10149G 10171G 10172G 10176G 10177G 10183G 10192G 10211G 10211G MK2 10212G 10212G MK2 10216G 10216G MK2 10243G 10243G MK2 10248G 10248G MK2 10282G 10282G MK2 10287G 10287G MK2 10288G 10289G 10289G MK2 10290G 10290G MK2 10291G 10292G 10293G 10296G 10296G MK2 10297G 10297G MK2 10300G 10300G MK3 10301G 10305G 10305G MK3 10306G 10308G 10308G MK3 10309G 10330G 10331G 10335G 10336G 10338G 10339G 10370G 10370G MK4 10371G 10371G MK4 10375G 10375G MK4 10376G 10376G MK4 10390G 10390G MK2 10391G 10395G 10395G MK2 10396G 10400G 10401G 10410G 10410G MK2 10410G MK3 10420G 10426G 10427G 10430G 10475G 10476G 10530G 10530G MK2 10530G MK3 10531G 10531G MK2 10531G MK3 10532G 10532G MK2 10532G MK3 10535G 10535G MK2 10535G MK3 10536G 10536G MK2 10536G MK3 10538G 10538G MK2 10538G MK3 10540G 10540G MK2 10540G MK3 10545G 10545G MK2 10545G MK3 10548G 10548G MK2 10548G MK3 10550G 10550G MK2 10550G MK3 10552G 10552G MK2 10552G MK3 10555G 10555G MK2 10555G MK3 10556G 10556G MK2 10556G MK3 10560G 10560G MK2 10560G MK3 10562G 10562G MK2 10562G MK3 10565G 10565G MK2 10565G MK3 10566G 10566G MK2 10566G MK3 10572G 10572G MK2 10572G MK3 10573G 10573G MK2 10573G MK3 10574G 10574G MK2 10574G MK3 10575G 10575G MK2 10575G MK3 10576G 10576G MK2 10576G MK3 10578G 10578G MK2 10578G MK3 10579G 10579G MK2 10579G MK3 10582G 10582G MK2 10582G MK3 10583G 10583G MK2 10583G MK3 10585G 10585G MK2 10585G MK3 10588G 10588G MK2 10588G MK3 10592G 10592G MK2 10592G MK3 10593G 10593G MK2 10593G MK3 10595G 10595G MK2 10595G MK3 10598G 10598G MK2 10598G MK3 10670G 10672G 10673G 10675G 10676G 10678G 10679G 10682G 10685G 10688G 10692G 10695G 10698G 10930G 10931G 10932G 10935G 10936G 10938G 1113298 1113299 1113307 1113308 1113309 1113310 20152E 20155E 20158E 20170E 20175E 20176E Creda: 41301 41302 41303 41304 41304 MK2 41305 41305 MK2 41402 41403 41403 MK2 41500 41501 41502 41503 48104 48105 48105N 48106 48106N 48109N 48111 48121 48122 48131 48132 48133 48134 48141 481410000L 48142 481420000C 48143 481430000L 48145 481450000L 48146 481460000C 48147 481470000L 48160 48161 48162 48163 48164 48167 48167T 48168 48168T 48169 48195 48197 48206 48207 48241 482410000L 48242 482420000C 48243 482430000L 48245 482450000L 48247 482470000L 48248 48249 48251 482510000L 48253 482530000L 48254 48308 48309 48313 48314 48315 48317 483170000L 48318 483180000C 48319 483190000L 48321 48322 48323 48325 48326 48327 48330 48331 48332 48333 48334 48335 48336 48337 48339 48340 48341 48342 48343 48344 48345 48346 48347 48348 48349 48350 48355 48356 48357 48360 48361 48362 48363 48364 48365 48366 48367 48368 48901 48902 48903 48904 48905 48906 48907 48908 48909 49704 497040000C 497040000L 49705 49706 49707 49708 49708J 49709 49711 49712 49715 497150000L 49721 49723 49726 49731 49733 49736 C160ED C160EG C160EW C161ED C161EG C161EW C260ED C260EG C260EW C261ED C261EG C261EW C262EK C262ES C262EW C360ED C360EG C360EW C361ED C361EE C361EG C361EK C361EW C362EK C362ES C362EW C363EX C365ED C365EG C365EW C366EK C366ES C366EW C460ED C460EG C460EW C461ED C461EE C461EG C461EW C462EK C462ES C462EW C561ED C561EE C561EG C561EW CB01GW CB43EW CF60EG CF60EW D010GD D010GW D120GD D120GW D130GD D130GW E230GD E230GW E430ED E430EE E430EK E430EW E530ED E530EE E530EK E530EW EDCB60 EDCG60 EDCG61 EDCS65 EDCW60 EDCW61 EDHB60 EDHG60 EDHG61 EDHW60 EDHW61 N230ED N230EK N230EW R365ER R430ER R530ER R561ER S120GB S120GW S150EB S150EK S150EW S150EX S230GB S230GK S230GW S230GX SPC60W General Electric: JRS28GIV1BB JRS28GIV1WW JRS28GIVSB JSP14GIVWW JSP15GIVWW JSP16GIVWW Hotpoint: 6102B 6102P 6103B 6103BMK2 6103P 6103PMK2 6111B 6111P 6112B 6112P 6117B 6117P 6118B 6118P 6133B 6133P 6162B 6162P 6163B 6163P 6172B 6172P 6173B 6173P 6183B 6183P 6196B 6196BMK2 6196P 6196PMK2 6521B 6521P 6525B 6525P 6530B 6530P 6531B 6531P 6535B 6535P 6540B 6540P 6541P 6DOCK 6DOCW 6DOGW BD31B BD31BMK2 BD31GMK2 BD31NMK2 BD31P BD31PMK2 BD32B BD32K BD32N BD32P BD32T BD35AL BD42SS BD51D BD51G BD51N BD51X BD52B BD52K BD52N BD52P BD52S BD52T BD62SS BD81B BD81G BD81N BD81P BD81S BD81YS BS51B BS51G BS51N BS51P BS51X C262EKH C262ESH C262EWH C361EWH C362EKH C362ESH C362EWH C363EXH C366EKH C366ESH C366EWH DD77CH DD77I DE47X DE77X DQ47I DQ77I DT77X DY230GB DY230GK DY230GW DY230GX DY46B DY46K DY46W DY46X EG51G EG51G MK2 EG51N EG51N MK2 EG51P EG51P MK2 EG52N EG52N MK2 EG52P EG52P MK2 EG52S EG52S MK2 EG53N EG53P EG53S EG54G EG54P EG54T EG71G EG71N EG71P EG72N EG72N MK2 EG72N MK3 EG72P EG72P MK2 EG72P MK3 EG72S EG72S MK2 EG72S MK3 EG73G EG73K EG73P EG73T EG76X EW61B EW61P EW62G EW62N EW62P EW63P EW71P EW72N EW72P EW72S EW73G EW73P EW73T EW76X EW81G EW81N EW81P EW82N EW82P EW82S EW83G EW83K EW83P EW83T EW85SS EW86X EW91P EW91S EW91YS EW92AL EW93G EW93K EW93P EW93T EW95AL GW20B GW20C GW20L GW20P GW20P MK2 GW21C GW21L GW22C GW31C GW41P GW42P GW51G GW51P GW54G GW54P GW54T GW62G GW62LG GW62LP GW62LT GW62P GW62T GW66LX GW66X GW81G GW81P S130EB S130EBH S130EK S130EKH S130EW S130EWH S130EX S130EXH S150EBH S150EKH S150EWH S150EXH S230GBH S230GKH S230GWH S230GXH SPC61K SPC61W Indesit: FDE20BK FDE20IX FDE20WH FID20BK FID20IX FID20WH FIDM20IX KD640GW KD641EM KD641EW KD641EX KD641GM KD641GW KD641GX KD643EW KD643EX KD643GW KD643GX KD6C0EW KD6C7EM KD6C7EW KD6C7EX KD6C8EW KD6C8EX Jackson: 28104 28105 28106 28110 28110N 28111 28111N 28112 28112N 28113 28113N 28115 28141 281410000L 28143 281430000L 28145 281450000L 28147 281470000L 28206 28241 282410000L 28243 282430000L 28251 282510000L 28253 282530000L 28254 J131EW J160EW Belling: 111AW GR 111AW SS 111S BU 111S CH 111S GR 111S SS 111W BU 111W CH 111W GR 112AW CH 112AW GR 112AW SS 112S BU 112S CH 112S GR 112S SS 112W BU 112W CH 112W GR 113S BU 113S CH 113S GR 113S SS 113W BU 113W CH 113W GR 114S BU 114S CH 114S GR 114S SS 131W BU 131W CA 131W CH 131W GR 131W SS 133W BU 133W CH 133W GR 142 426 WH 540 BR 540 WH 541 BR 541 WH 550 BR 550 GM 550 GR 550 WH 611 BL 611 GR 611 WH 612 BL 612 WH 613 WH 616 BR 616 WH 623 BL 623 GR 623 IV 623 WH 624 BR 625 GM 626 BR 626 GR 626 WH 627 BR 627 BU 627 GR 627 RE 627 WH 627H BL 627H BU 627H GR 627H WH 629 SS 630 AL 630 SS 631 WH 632 BR 632 GR 632 WH 633 BU 633 GR 635 RM 635 WM 636 BR 636 BU 636 GR 636 RE 636 WH 639 BL 639 GR 639 RE 639 WH 652 BL 652 SI 652 WH 653H BL 653H WH 660 BL 660 GR 660 WH 661 BL 661 GR 661 WH 860 BU 860 GR 860 WH G730 BR G730 GR G730 WH G740 BR G740 BU G740 GR G740 WH G741 GR G741 WH G750 BR G750 BU G750 GR G750 RE G750 WH G751 BU XOU478 BR XOU478 GR XOU478 WH XOU481 BR XOU481 GR XOU481 WH XOU482SS ST XOU488 BR XOU488 GM XOU488 RM XOU488 WM XOU489 BR XOU489 BU XOU489 CI XOU489 GR XOU489 IV XOU489 RE XOU489 WH XOU491 BL XOU491 BR XOU491 BU XOU491 GR XOU491 IV XOU491 RE XOU491 WH 130W BU 130W CA 130W CH 130W GR 130W ST 132W BU 132W CA 132W CH 132W GR 132W ST 135 CA 135 CH 135 GR 150 CA 150 CH 150 GR 150 ST 151 CA 151 CH 151 GR 151 ST 152 CA 152 GR 152 ST 153 CA 153 CH 153 GR 637 BL 637 BU 637 SI 637 WH 646H SI 646H WH 647 AL 647 ST 648HM BL 648HM BU 648HM SI 648HM WH G742 BL G742 GR G742 WH XOU482 BL XOU482 SI XOU482 WH XOU492 BL XOU492 BU XOU492 GR XOU492 SI XOU492 ST XOU492 WH XOU493 AL


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