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Lazer Electrics

Rear Tumble Dryer Teardrop Bearing for Indesit IDVL75BRK.9UK, IDVL86SDUK, IS31VUK, IS41VEX, IS61CEX, IS61CFR, IS61CSK

Rear Tumble Dryer Teardrop Bearing for Indesit IDVL75BRK.9UK, IDVL86SDUK, IS31VUK, IS41VEX, IS61CEX, IS61CFR, IS61CSK

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Rear Tumble Dryer Teardrop Bearing for Indesit

Replaces Genuine Part Numbers: C00142628 C00208205

Fits models


IS60V, IS60VS, IS60VU, IS70C, IS70CS, ISL70C, F089141 (EDCE85BTMUK), F089130 (EDCEG45BHEU), F089138 (EDCEHG45BFR), F089122 (EDPA745A1ECOEU), F089127 (EDPA745AECOEU), F089124 (EDPA745AECOIT), F153393 (EDPA945A1ECOEU), F153579 (EDPE745A2ECOEU), F153256 (EDPE745A2ECOIT), F089068 (EDPE845A1ECO), F089068 (EDPE845A1ECOUK), F153394 (EDPE945A2ECOEU), F089067 (EDPEG45A1ECOEU), F089069 (EDPEG45A1ECOFR), F089062 (EDPEG45A1ECOIT), F089065 (EDPEG45A2ECODE), F089064 (EDPEG45A2ECOEU), F089063 (EDPEG45A2ECOIT), F089070 (EDPEG45AECOEU), F089066 (EDPEG45XA1ECOEU), F084294 (HPD8416AT), F084349 (HPD8416CH), F066185 (IDC73EU), F089008 (IDC75BEU), F089010 (IDC75BFR), F089009 (IDC75BUK), F062979 (IDC75EU), F062955 (IDC75FR), F100930 (IDC75GCC), F062964 (IDC75SFR), F062067 (IDC75SK), F062940 (IDC75SUK), F062939 (IDC75UK), F093578 (IDC85EX), F093579 (IDC85GCC), F074782 (IDC85KUK), F093722 (IDC85SEX), F093667 (IDC85SGCC), F074774 (IDC85SUK), F068706 (IDC85UK), F089006 (IDC8T3BKUK), F089007 (IDC8T3BSUK), F089005 (IDC8T3BUK), F068772 (IDCA735BEU), F068771 (IDCA735BFR), F082519 (IDCA735BHUK), F062072 (IDCA735BIT), F067560 (IDCA735BIT), F062071 (IDCA735DE), F078459 (IDCA735ECOEU), F062974 (IDCA735EU), F062954 (IDCA735FR), F062073 (IDCA735IT), F062975 (IDCA735SEU), F078447 (IDCA735UK), F082511 (IDCA745BHECOIT), F075596 (IDCA745BIT), F082526 (IDCA7H35BTMU), F082526 (IDCA7H35BTMUK), F078453 (IDCA8350BECO), F082522 (IDCA8350BHUK), F074778 (IDCA8350SUK), F074777 (IDCA8350UK), F062982 (IDCA835BAUS), F062070 (IDCA835BDE), F062973 (IDCA835BEU), F062952 (IDCA835BFR), F062953 (IDCA835BSFR), F062946 (IDCA835BSK), F062976 (IDCA835EU), F062938 (IDCA835SUK), F062937 (IDCA835UK), F081128 (IDCA845AECOEU), F081130 (IDCA845AECOIT), F078461 (IDCAG35BECOEU), F067809 (IDCAG35BEU), F068761 (IDCAG35BFR), F069605 (IDCAG35BSEU), F068762 (IDCAG35BSFR), F078460 (IDCAG35ECOEU), F083367 (IDCAG35ECOZA), F067810 (IDCAG35EU), F069941 (IDCAG35FR), F078462 (IDCAG35SECOEU), F067811 (IDCAG35SEU), F067561 (IDCAG45BIT), F076541 (IDCAG55BECOIT), F082510 (IDCAG55BHIT), F082534 (IDCAHG35BFR), F062971 (IDCE745EU), F062951 (IDCE745FR), F082528 (IDCE7H35BTMU), F082528 (IDCE7H35BTMUK), F082523 (IDCE8450BHUK), F082525 (IDCE8450BKHU), F082525 (IDCE8450BKHUK), F074781 (IDCE8450BKUK), F082524 (IDCE8450BSHU), F082524 (IDCE8450BSHUK), F074780 (IDCE8450BSUK), F074779 (IDCE8450BUK), F082513 (IDCE8454AECOEU), F081898 (IDCE8454AECOIT), F081899 (IDCE8454XAECOEU), F082533 (IDCE8454XAPSNL), F078483 (IDCE845AECO), F077347 (IDCE845AECOEU), F076160 (IDCE845AIT), F062970 (IDCE845BEU), F062949 (IDCE845BFR), F062257 (IDCE845BIT), F062950 (IDCE845BSFR), F062945 (IDCE845BSK), F068705 (IDCE845KUK), F062936 (IDCE845SUK), F062933 (IDCE845UK), F079509 (IDCE845XAECONL), F067812 (IDCEG45BEU), F068763 (IDCEG45BFR), F082512 (IDCEG45BHEU), F082532 (IDCEG45XBHPSNL), F082535 (IDCEHG45BFR), F086104 (IDCL75BHEU), F086078 (IDCL75BHIT), F086077 (IDCL75BHRFR), F086079 (IDCL75BHRUK), F089004 (IDCL85BHKUK), F089003 (IDCL85BHSUK), F086075 (IDCL85BHUK), F086074 (IDCLG5BHEU), F086098 (IDCLG5BHIT), F086076 (IDCLG5BHRDE), F086091 (IDPA745AECOEU), F086090 (IDPA745AECOIT), F087934 (IDPAG45A2ECOEU), F086088 (IDPE845A1ECO), F086088 (IDPE845A1ECOUK), F086095 (IDPEG45A1ECOEU), F086089 (IDPEG45A1ECOFR), F086085 (IDPEG45A1ECOIT), F086086 (IDPEG45AECOEU), F086087 (IDPEG45XA1ECOEU), F062980 (IDV65AUS), F073759 (IDV65EU), F062969 (IDV65FR), F062944 (IDV65SUK), F062943 (IDV65UK), F062983 (IDV75AG), F086094 (IDV75BKUK), F062978 (IDV75EU), F062985 (IDV75EX60HZ), F062968 (IDV75FR), F062984 (IDV75KW), F062987 (IDV75SEX60HZ), F062068 (IDV75SK), F074629 (IDV75SUK), F074628 (IDV75UK), F083348 (IDV75ZA), F105263 (IDV79IL), F062977 (IDVA735EU), F062967 (IDVA735FR), F068766 (IDVA735SFR), F062947 (IDVA735SK), F062942 (IDVA735SUK), F062941 (IDVA735UK), F082515 (IDVA735XAUS), F068768 (IDVA835EU), F086081 (IDVL75BFR), F105539 (IDVL75BR.9UK), F105536 (IDVL75BRK.9U), F105536 (IDVL75BRK.9UK), F086083 (IDVL75BRKUK), F105538 (IDVL75BRS.9U), F105538 (IDVL75BRS.9UK), F086084 (IDVL75BRSUK), F086082 (IDVL75BRUK), F153293 (IDVL86SDUK), F042570 (IS31VUK), F086093 (IS41VEX), F030629 (IS60V), F055085 (IS60VAG), F030637 (IS60VEX), F030640 (IS60VEXPAI), F030632 (IS60VFR), F030639 (IS60VSK), F043102 (IS61CEX), F030620 (IS61CFR), F042577 (IS61CSK), F050188 (IS7021CEU), F030617 (IS70C), F030623 (IS70CEX), F042576 (IS70CFR), F030618 (IS70CS), F030626 (IS70CSK), F043056 (ISA60VFR), F044368 (ISA60VXAUS), F030638 (ISL60VEX), F030636 (ISL60VNL), F035832 (ISL60VSK), F030621 (ISL65CEX), F034178 (ISL66CXEX), F061595 (ISL69CEU), F049612 (ISL69CFR), F030624 (ISL70CEX), F030622 (ISL70CNL), F030625 (ISL70CSEX), F030627 (ISL70CSK), F038320 (ISL70CSWSK), F033863 (ISL70CXDE), F049576 (ISL73CIT), F046332 (ISL79CEX), F049572 (ISL79CIT), F056094 (ISL79CNL), F046330 (ISL79CSK)


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