Samsung Genuine Washing Machine Door Handle WF8802RPA WD8704RJ WF0804W8E


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Samsung Genuine Washing Machine Door Handle Spare Parts Grey

Part Number: DC64-01524A (DC6401524A)

Will fit the following models:

WD0804W8E, WF0704W7S, WF1804WPC, WF8802RPA, WD8704RJ, WF0804W8E, WF1804WPU, WF8804RPA, WD8704RJA, WF0804W8N, WF8702RSS, WF9904RWE, WD8704RJD, WF0804X8E, WF8704RSS, WD0754W8E/XSA, WD856UHSAWQ/SA, WD8704EJA/XSA, WD8704EJA1/XSA, WF0754W7V/XSA, WF0754W7V1/XSA, WF0854W8E/XSA, WF0854W8E1/XSA, WF1752WPC/XSA, WF1804WPC/XSA, WF756UMSAWQ/SA, WF806U4SAWQ/TC, WF856UHSAGD/SA, WF856UHSAWQ/SA, WF8802RPA/XSA, WF8802RPF, WF8802RPF1/XSA, WF8802RPF/XSA, WF9854RWE/XSA, WF9854RWE1/XSA, WF0806X8N

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