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Lazer Electrics

Screw In Glass Lamp Lens Cover Removal Tool + Light Bulb for Siemens Oven Cooker

Screw In Glass Lamp Lens Cover Removal Tool + Light Bulb for Siemens Oven Cooker

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Lazer Electrics Screw In Glass Lamp Bulb Lens Light Cover + Tool for Siemens Oven Cooker 647309

Premium quality compatible lamp lens cover, removal tool & 40W Oven Bulb for Siemens oven / cookers

Pack Contains: 1 x Heavy duty (heat resistant up to 300°c) Lamp Cover, 1 x Removal Tool, makes removal of lamp cover easier, simply turn Anti-Clockwise to loose or turn Clockwise to tighten Lamp Cover Diameter: 63mm

Fits Models:

Siemens: HB131250B/01, HB131250B/02, HB131250B/03, HB131550B/01, HB131550B/02, HB131650B/01, HB131650B/02, HB131650B/03, HB13M550B/01, HB13M550B/03, HB13M550B/10, HB13M650B/01, HB13M650B/03, HB13M650B/10, HB13MB521B/01, HB13NB621B/01, HB151550B/01, HB151550B/02, HB151550B/03, HB151650B/01, HB15M550B/03, HB15M550B/10, HB15N550B/01, HB15N550B/03, HB15N550B/10, HB15N650B/01, HB27054GB/06, HB28024GB/01, HB28044GB/01, HB28054GB/01, HB28054GB/02, 4GB/06HB28055GB/01, HB28064GB/02, HB28065GB/01, HB28074GB/01, HB29054EU/01, HB330750/01, HB43NB520B/01, HB48024GB/01, HB48054GB/02, HB48074GB/01, HB48075GB/01, HB49555GB/01, HB530250B(00), HB530550B(00), HB530550B/01, HB530650B/01, HB550550B/01, HB550550B/02, HB550750B/01, HB55M550B/01, HB55M550B/03, HB55M650B/03, HB55NB550B/01, HB560250B/01, HB560550B/01, HB560550B/02, HB564750B/01, HB56L550B/01, HB56L750B/01, HB56M550B/01, HB56M550B/03, HB56M650B/03, HB56N550B/03, HB56N550B/10, HB56N650B/10, HB56N750B/01, HB56R550B/03, HB570560B/01, HB90554GB/01, HB91550GB/01, HB91554GB/06, HB91556GB/05, HB91564GB/01, HB91564GB/05, HB9156

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