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Vacuum Cleaner Hoover 12" Round Cloth Filter for Numatic HZQ750 NRV380 WV380

Vacuum Cleaner Hoover 12" Round Cloth Filter for Numatic HZQ750 NRV380 WV380

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Lazer Electrics Spare Part For Numatic Henry Hetty James Basil George Vacuum Cleaner 12" Round Cloth Filter

Compatible Numatic Henry Hetty James Vacuum Cleaner Hoover 12" (30.4cm appox) Round Cloth Filter Spare Part

Dimensions: Size: 12"(inch) 30cm approx

Replacement cloth filter for your vacuum cleaner Comes with rubber surround on filter

Will fit the following models:

HENRY: HVR-200 HVR-200A Henry Micro HVR-200M-22 Henry Turbo HVR-200T-2 Henry Xtra HVX-200 HVX-200A HZQ-200-2 HZQ-250-2 NQS-250B-22 NVQ-200-22 RSV-130 NB-200 HV-200 HVC-200 HVR200 HVR-200P HVR-204 HVR-204P NRV-200 NRV-204 NVR-200 NVR-225 NVR-260 NNV-200 NNV-204 NV-225 NV-250 JVR-225 JVC-225 AV-250 SE-250 NV-200 NVH-180 NVH-200 NVP-180 NVP-200 VNP-180 NSP-180A NSP-200A PSP-180A PSP-200A VNR-200 NSR-200A NVR-200 NRV-200T PVR-200A PVT-220A NST-220A NVQ-200 NVQ-202 NVQ-204 NVQ-200T NVQ-250 NVQ-250B NVQ-252 NVQ-254 NVQ-250T NQS-200 NQS-200T AVQ-250 MFQ-300 RSV-130M RSV-130P RSV-134 RSV-134P RSV-130T RSV-200 RSV-200P RSV-200M RSV-204 RSV-204P RSV-200T RSAV-200 HZQ-200 HZQ-250


JAMES JVP-180 JVP-180A JVP280 JVR225 JVC225

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