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Vax 5000 Series 6121 3-in-1 6130 6131 V-100 Combination Floor Brush Tool

Vax 5000 Series 6121 3-in-1 6130 6131 V-100 Combination Floor Brush Tool

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Vax 5000 Series 6121 3-in-1 6130 6131 V-100 Combination Floor Brush Tool


Compatible Vax vacuum cleaner 32mm floor toolMulti purpose floor tool for use on hard floors and carpetsSwitch located on the top of the floor tool to swap between carpets and hard floorTo check if this tool fits measure the overall width of the pipe that this tool connects to and if it is 32mm this tool will fitWill fit the following models:6131 6131BLS 6131TO 6131T Mach 6 Mach 8 MACH COMPACT MIDI & ZEN ASTRATA V-064 V-064TB ASTRATA C90-AS-B-AS ASTRATA II V-095 6121 6130 6121C 6121T 6151T 6141 7131 6135 8131 9131 Cadence & Mojo CADENCE V-094TH CADENCE V-094 MOJO PLUS C91-MJ-B-P CENTRIX C90-CX-B-A CENTRIX 2 PET C90-CX2-P-A CENTRIX 3 C89--CX3-B-A CENTRIX PET C90-CX-P-A ESSENTIALS VEC-03 PET VEC-31 VEC-01 VEC-11 VEC-04 VEC-101 VEC-21 VEC-102 VEC-02 VEC-105 FORCE 10 SUPER POWER V-091SP MAGNUM CYCLONIC C91-MC-B-T MIDI POWERMAX VRS11S PERFORMANCE V-091 C91-PF1-B-T V-091C - C91-PF2-B-T - V-091X 2200T V-091TB COMPLETE VZL-704 FLOOR COMMAND V-091FC PETS V-091PA PETS V-091P PETS V-091PB PETS V-091PBA REACH V-091S ZERO VZL-702U POWER 5 COMPLETE C90-P5-C C90-P5-P C91-P5-P C90-P5-E-S U90-P6-P POWER 6 PET & STAIRS U91-P6E C90-PM-B C89-PM2-B C90-PM-O VX C90-PMV-B V-109PB POWER REACH V-075K MAX VRS12A VRS12 Remo VS-077 SWIFT V-075 & V-075S ULTRIXX V-096TT V-096X V-109P V-0071 V-0072 Mach 1 2 4 5 Mach 1 VZL-7071 Mach 1 VZL-7011A Mach 1 VZL-7071A Mach 1 C90-M1-B Mach 1 All Terrain VZL-7011AT Mach 1 Complete C90-M1-C Mach 1 Pet VZL-7011P Mach 1 Pet C90-M1-P-A Mach 1 Stairs VZL-7011S Mach 2 VZL-7022 Mach 2 VZL-7022HF Mach 2 Pet VZL-7022P Mach 3 Complete/Allergy C91-M3-G-A Mach 4 Pet C91-M4-P Mach 4 Stairs C91-M4-S Mach 5 VZL-7015 Mach 5 All Terrain VZL-7015AT Mach 5 All Terrain C91-M5-AT-A Mach 5 Complete C90-M5-C Mach Pet VZL-7071P Mach Zen C91-MZ-B Mach Zen Pet C91-MZ-P


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