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Washing Machine Bearing & Seal kit for LG WD1041WFH WD1095FB WD12175ND WD1243FH

Washing Machine Bearing & Seal kit for LG WD1041WFH WD1095FB WD12175ND WD1243FH

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Compatible LG Washing Machine Drum Bearings & Seal Kit Fits Many Models

Compatible Drum Bearing and Seal Kit for LG Washing Machines

Kit Includes:

1 x Bearing 6205Z 25mm X 52mm X 15mm

1 x Bearing 6206Z 30mm X 62mm X 16mm

1 x Drum Bearing Seal

PLEASE NOTE: Due to some of the models listed are known to use more than one type of bearing kit, please check before purchasing the size and bearings needed

Fits models: WD1050FHB WD1176FB WD1223FB WD10131F WD10150FB WD1055FHB WD1190FB WD12311RD WD10170ND WD1056FB WD12120FB WD12316RD WD10170SD WD1065FD WD12120FD WD12317RDK WD10170TD WD1066FD WD12121FD WD12331AD WD10180T WD1076FB WD12170SD WD12336AD WD1041WFH WD1095FB WD12175ND WD1243FH WD1042FH WD11120FB WD12220FD WD1245FHB WD1043FB WD11155FB WD12230FB WD1253FHB WD1045FH WD1174FB WD12235FB WD1255FHB WD1270FB WD6590FB WM1085FHD WM12220FD WD1271FB WD80150N WM1090FHB WM12225FD WD1275FB WD80150S WM1095FHB WM12230FB WD13120FB WD80180T WM11150FB WM12235FB WD1370FHB WD80250S WM11155FB WM12392TD WD1390FB WD8070F WM11220FD WM12397TD WD1390FHB WD8070FH WM1170FHB WM1260FHD WD14311RD WM10130F WM1171FHB WM1265FHD WD65130F WM10240F WM1175FHB WM1280FHD WD6550FB WM1080FHD WM1176FHB WM1285FHD WM1290FHB WM13150FB WM1371FHB WM14316RD WM1290FHD WM13155FB WM1375FHB WM1295FHB WM1370FHB WM1376FHB

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