Washing Machine Door Hinge kit for Siemens WD WH WIQ WM WMB WXLM 171269

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Lazer Electrics Washing Machine Door Hinge for Siemens WFO WFC WFR WFT WXB WXLM 171269


OEM Siemens Neff door hinge Includes plastic ends
Equivalent to Part Number: 171269
Length: 13 cm

This hinge fits about 3000 Siemens washing machine and washer dryer models too many to list - if unsure please contact us

Fits models: 
WD12D520GB/01, WH54080GB/07, WH54880GB/01, WIQ1430EU/01, WIQ1430GB/01, WIQ1433GB/01, WIQ1433GB/02, WIQ1434GB/03, WIQ1435GB/05, WIQ1630/01, WIQ1632GB/01, WIQ1633GB/01, WIQ1633GB/02, WIQ1635GB/05, WIQ1834GB/01, WM12E468GB/03, WXB1060GB/03, WXD1260GB/01, WXL125SGB/01, WXL142GB/01, WXL142GB/08, WXL146AGB/01, WXL147AGB/18, WXL147AUK/19, WXL148AUK/19, WXL166AGB/07, WXL167AGB/10, WXL167AGB/16, WXLM122GB/04, WXLM146AGB/03, WXLM146AGB/05, WXLM148AGB/08, WXLM148AGB/17, WXLM148AGB/19, WXLM148AUK/19, WXLM166AGB/08, WXLM166AGB/10, WXLM168AGB/10, WXLM168AGB/14, WXLP145AGB/01, WXLP145AGB/11, WXLP146AGB/15, WXLP166AGB/11, WXLS122GB/01, WXLS122GB/04, WXLS122GB/05, WXLS140GB/01, WXLS143GB/01, WXLS143GB/04, WXLS143GB/05, WXLS162GB/05



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