Washing Machine Door Lock for Smeg SW106-1 SW107D SW108D SW127D SW128D SW65


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Genuine Quality Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch

Replacement Washing Machine Door Interlock

Part number: 2805311400

Will fit the following models:

LB610E, LBS105, LBS105-9, LBS106, LBS106-1, LBS106-9, LBS107, LBS107-9, LBS126, LBS127, LBS127-9, LBS635, LBS645-5, LBS645-9, LBS65, LBS65-9, LBS66, LBS66-1, LBS845-5, LBS845-9, LBS85, LBS85-9, LBS86, LBS86-1, LBS86-9, SW106, SW106-1, SW107D, SW108D, SW127D, SW128D, SW65, SW85, SW85-1, SW86, SW86-1, SWE106D-1, SWE107D, SWE108D, SWE127D, SWE128D, SWE86-1, WM128SSA, WM148WSA

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