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White Knight Tumble Dryer Reset Thermostat - 421307850161

White Knight Tumble Dryer Reset Thermostat - 421307850161

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White Knight Crosslee Tumble Dryer Reset Thermostat TOC

Genuine Part Number: 421307850161

Fits models:

White Knight:

427WV 44AW 84A CL311 CL311GV CL312AV CL312BV CL312OGV CL312RV CL312WV CL312YV CL331GV - UK CL332AV CL332BV CL332OGV CL332RV CL332WV CL332YV CL412 CL412FV CL412GV CL417AV CL417BV CL417OGV CL417WV CL417YV CL42 CL421 CL427AV CL427BV CL427CV CL427OGV CL427SV CL427WV CL427YV CL43 CL432A CL432FV CL432GV CL432WV CL437AV CL437BV CL437OGV CL437WV CL437YV CL447AV CL447BV CL447CV CL447OGV CL447SV CL447WV CL447YV CL512 CL612 CL632 CL637AV CL637BV CL637OGV CL637WV CL637YV CL677WV CL687 CL687SV CL847 427SV 427SVNC 42AS 42AW 43AW 44AS 44ASNC 44AW 831WV 837SV 837WV 83AS 83AW 85AS 85AW CL331A CL331AV CL331W CL331WV CL42 CL427SV CL431A CL431W CL432/1/02 CL432A CL432FV CL432W CL447CV CL447SV CL447SVNC CL44AWH CL511A CL511W CL512 CL547 CL612 CL632 CL637/WV CL687SV CL847SV CL847WH HJA8620 KVT1I KVT1W


AWG200 AWG200/3 AWG200/4 AWG210/7 AWG211 AWG212 AWG220/1 AWG220WH/1 AWG221/1AL AWG225 AWG225/1 AWG225/1HAV AWG225HAV AWG230 AWG266 AWG274

Hygena: APM8525 APM8620

Diplomat: ABA8542

Lamona: HJA8620

Baumatic: BTD1

Kenwood: KVT1I KVT1L

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