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ZANUSSI DA4342 Dishwasher UPPER Basket WHEELS x 8

ZANUSSI DA4342 Dishwasher UPPER Basket WHEELS x 8

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AEG Electrolux Zanussi Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheels - 8 Pack

Genuine Part Number: 50269970005, 50286967000 (either will be provided)

Please note Colour may vary due to manufacturer change

Fits models:

AEG: 6470W FAV42300 FAV5450 FAV5450W FAV54750VI FAV64800W KDW1

Electrolux: DW125W DW80W ESF611 ESI600B ESI600W ESI602B ESI602W ESI602X ESI604B ESI604W ESL414 ESL424 ESL614 ESL624 CDW086

Tricity Bendix: BDW52 BK200B BK200W BK205B BK205B/W BK205W BK450 CDW101 DH085 DH086 DH088W DH101 DW120 TBDW41 CDW087

Zanussi: DS22 DS30 DW24W DW907 DW908AL DW908W DW909 DW915 DWS39W DWS909AL DWS909W DWS919 ID6745B ZD604B ZD604W ZD684B ZD684W ZT415 ZT485

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