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Zanussi Electrolux AEG Tumble Dryer Belt GENUINE - 1258288222, RS111810

Zanussi Electrolux AEG Tumble Dryer Belt GENUINE - 1258288222, RS111810

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Genuine Zanussi, AEG, Tricity Bendix, Privleg 1975 H7 / H6 Tumble Dryer Belt

Genuine Part number 1258288107

(Now Superceded by Part Number: 1258288222 - Belt 1975 H6)

PLEASE NOTE: Either belt / Part Number will be sent depending on stock

Alternative Part Number(s): 1250016001, 1250241005, 1250241104, 1254452103, 1257230001, 1257230100, 1258288008, 1258288107, 1258288404, 3790112001, 50207008009

Fits hundreds of AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi, Tricity Bendix models (Please contact us to verify if you are unsure):

LTH55800, LTH56800, LTH57800, LTH57810, LTH58810, LTH59800, T37400362T

463E 6K/C AE2020 EDE418M EDE420E F101 LSI147 PERLA SMART TC450/B TC460 TC470 TC480 TC481W TC482W TC484W TC485W TC491D TC7102 TC7102S TC7102W TC7103S TC7103W TC7114 TC7114S TC7114W TC7122 TC7124 TC7224 TCE695 TCE7114 TCE7124 TCE7124W TCE7125 TCE7127W TCE7224 TCE7225 TCE7227W TCE7245 TCE7270 TCE7271 TCE7276 TCE7276W TCF655E TCF665E TCS374E TCS584EW TCS603LT TCS605E TCS6550E TCS664E TCS665E TCS6730T TCS673T TCS674E TCS675E TCS675EW TCS683LT TCS683W TD TD150 TD160 TD160T TD222T TD230T TD242T TD250 TD260 TD322T TD4100 TD4100W TD4110 TD4112 TD4112W TD4113W TD4117 TD4120 TD4212 TD4212W TD4213W TD4224 TD4230 TD4234W TD501TC TD504TC TD513 TD514 TD523 TD523AL TD524 TD524AL TD526 TD534 TD601TC TD604EC TDE4124 TDE4224 TDE4224W TDE4234W TDE4235W TDE4240 TDS TDS240T TDS250T TDS260T TDS270T TDS280W TDS281W TDS302T TDS333E TDS360T TDS362T TDS363E TDS370T TDS371TX TDS372T TDS382AL TDS382W TDS383W TDS463E TDS464E TDS473E TDS483EW TDS583T TDS585E TE350 Z200CD Z300CDP Z400CDE Z7712 Z7722 Z7732 ZD100C ZD102C ZD110 ZD120 ZD120R ZD130R ZD150R ZD150RL ZD2000 ZD225 ZD270EK ZD320 ZD320SENSOT ZDB5377W ZDC37100W ZDC37200W ZDC46130S ZDC46130W ZDC47100G ZDC47100S ZDC47100W ZDC47200W ZDC47203W ZDC47209W ZDC5350W ZDC5355W ZDC5370W ZDC5375W ZDC67550W ZDC77570W ZDE26000W ZDE26100W ZDE26110W ZDE26610W ZDE36150W ZDE47100W ZDE47200W ZDE47201W ZDE47209W ZDE57140W ZDE67550W ZDE67560W ZDEB47209W ZE200CD ZTA110 ZTA120 ZTA140 ZTA210 ZTA220 ZTA230 ZTA235 ZTA240 ZTA245 ZTA250 ZTB140 ZTB150 ZTB160 ZTB170 ZTB180 ZTB190 ZTB200 ZTB220 ZTB240 ZTB261 ZTB270 ZTB271 ZTB275 ZTB276 ZTBB276 ZTE130 ZTE135 ZTE170 ZTE171 ZTE177 ZTE220 ZTE225

TM310W, TM320W, 74988, BTD01, BTD03, TM210W, TM220W, TM470AL, TM550, TM560, TM565C, TM470AL, TM550, TM400, TM470

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