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Fan Oven Cooker Heater Element for Zanussi ZCV665MX ZCV667MNC ZCV667MWC

Fan Oven Cooker Heater Element for Zanussi ZCV665MX ZCV667MNC ZCV667MWC

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Fan Oven Element 2 Turn 2400w for Zanussi 3871425108

Compatible Circular Fan Oven Element - 2400W for Zanussi Cookers

Replaces Genuine Part Numbers: 1250214126005, 1250249206004, 1250249216003, 3192085037, 3192085052, 3192085086, 3192085102, 3192085151, 3871425082, 3871425108

Specifications: 2400 Watts :: Overall Length 225mm :: Internal Diameter Or Width 205mm :: Terminal Centres 25mm :: Terminal Length 50mm :: Hole Or Stud Centre 55mm :: Plate Width 22mm :: Plate Length 70mm

All sizes are approx and may change due to manufacturer changes however the element provided will be suitable for models listed.

Fits models:


ZCV551MW, ZCV551MX, ZCV661MX, ZCV665MW, ZCV665MX, ZCV642MX, ZCV651MW, ZCV550MNC, ZCV550MXC, ZCV550MWC, ZCV662MWC, ZCV662MXC, ZCV662MNC, ZCV663MWC, ZCV663MXC, ZCV651MN, ZCV665MN, ZCI68300WA, ZCI68300XA, ZCI68300BA, ZCV48300BA, ZCV48300XA, ZCV48300WA, ZCV68300WA, ZCV68300XA, ZCV68300BA, ZCV68310WA, ZCV68310XA, ZCV46330XA, ZCV661MXC, ZCV66000WA, ZCV667MXC, ZCV667MNC, ZCV665MWC, ZCV667MWC, ZCV667MX, ZCV66330BA, ZCV668MW, ZCV661MW, ZCV661MWC, ZCV662MSC, ZCV550MSC, ZCV621MW, ZCV552MWC, ZCV551MXC, ZCV553MWC, ZCV551MNC, ZCV551MWC, ZCV554MW

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